Cats at Batcombe Gallery Images
Cats at Batcombe Gallery Images
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About Us

Welcome to our beautiful Indoor cattery which has a 5 Star rating, located in Batcombe, Somerset. Jaquie and John Conway have always been cat lovers, with Jaquie having worked in catteries in Australia. We have converted a disused milking parlour into an exclusive indoor cattery in Somerset which we are sure your cat(s) will love.

We provide each chalet with a fresh, clean bed and a day bed, plus toys and scratching posts. If you wish you are welcome to bring blankets and toys to help remind our little guest of home.

Our cat chalets are premium quality with each having it’s own heat pad and light. There are plenty of windows and natural light in a secure, clean environment for your cat’s holiday. All cats are fed twice a day. Biscuits and water are always available. We supply all premium brands, but if you prefer, you can bring your cat’s favourite food with you. For a real treat your cat(s) can have our delicious ‘ A La Carte’ menu. Please see our rates page for details. All of our cats receive lots of fusses and cuddles plus daily brushing if required (please bring your own cat’s brush).